Want help getting started with Goal Training for your team and using the Ultimate Swim Log and Goal Planner effectively?

Schedule a G.O.A.L. Strategies (R) clinic with the author.  Aimee will provide a personal 30-40 minute presentation on the why, hows and whats of goal setting.

G.O.A.L.= Get Organized About Life

Competitive Swimming G.O.A.L. Clinic

*Learn the 4 steps to: getting, organizing, achieving and living out your goals.

*Learn easy ways to log yardage, visualize races, and accomplish goal times.

*Learn how to get a perspective on the season and use details to get ahead.

Led by former National Team member and author of The Ultimate Swim Log and Goal Planner, Aimee Schmitt.
To schedule a GOAL clinic for your team contact