10-Percent Challenge

The 10-Percent Challenge

The key to success?

Not necessarily doing something big or spectacular–

But perfecting the little things over time.


Consider this:

  • Are successful swimmers 100 times stronger?
  • Are they 50 times more ambitious?
  • Do they work 20 times harder?
  • Do they have more hours in the day?

Not a chance.  In fact, I would argue that you have what it takes to meet your goals, and the secret is in this challenge:

Just consider making small consistent 10% improvements.

What if you were just 10% faster this year than last year? What would that look like?

What if this week you made a 10% improvement on your breath-control over last week?  How would that affect your race times?

Swimming is a sport where hundreths of a second make a difference.  A tiny10% difference can and does separate first from last.  Consider what a 10% improvement looks like on the following:

  • Starts, turns, or finishes.
  • Breath control.
  • Kicking strength
  • Endurance

 You get the idea…

  • With so many components to swimming mechanics, training and discipline, a 10-percent improvement in any area can mark a huge improvement in overall performance.
  • What if you challenged yourself to be just 10-percent more excited, enthusiastic, dedicated, determined, organized and confident?

Strive for the 10-Percent!

  • Take the 10-Percent Challenge this season.
  • Strive to be just 10-percent better in everything you do.


In a 4,000 yard practice, there are 156 turns.   Can you say every turn is done properly? Quickly? And with no breath off the wall?

  • The 10% challenges means improving your turn focus by 10% each day/week of practice.
  • The first week–focus on just 15 solid turns.  (10% of 156).
  • The second week–improve that by 10% and focus on 30 turns.
  • Each week the challenge is to be  10% better than you were the previous week.
  • By week 10 you will be challenging yourself to have 156 great turns–the whole practice…and you will have built a HABIT of fast turns, and not breathing off the wall, etc.

Find a chart for the 10-percent challenge in The Ultimate Swim Log and Goal Planner and track your 10% steps towards success.


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One thought on “10-Percent Challenge

  • Glenn

    It’s so simple isn’t it? The path to success is taking small consistent steps. You just have to follow that path daily. Great stuff.

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