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 “Coach Belichick holds us accountable everyday. We appreciate when he’s tough on us. He gets the best out of us.” Tom Brady, New England Patriots


Ownership can be related to accountability.

The ownership I am talking about is not related to owning any “thing” in particular, or purchasing an item; this is a discussion about the very muscle beating in your chest:

…your heart and your heart alone.

With every action you take there will be consequences to those actions, positive and negative. When we are talking about ownership in sports, it speaks to the will of the athlete to take ultimate responsibility for their actions, training, attendance, and attitude.  It is about knowing in your heart, that the work you put into your sport will be revealed in championship outcomes.

The quote above is showing how important it is to have accountability in whatever you do, and shifts this thinking to the role your coach also plays to help you stay the course and reach your goals. I am certain Tom Brady is a pretty motivated guy, but even he relies on his coach to remind him about how he needs to be accountable for his actions if he wants to reach his goal of the Super Bowl each year.

The combination of an athlete and coach on the same page is a dynamic force.  As coaches, we want to push you, but also let you know that this is your journey and you alone can take the responsibility of how you view your “successes” and “failures”.  Always striving to be the best “sport” in attitude and actions, regardless of the outcome, is the ultimate way to take the ultimate ownership in this sport.

Now go swim.

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