Ready to take ownership of your swimming?

The Ultimate Swim Log and Goal Planner will get you organized and help you get your swimming goals on track!

This is a personal toolbox for your season

Goals come in all shapes and sizes, but they don’t come with directions. This book was written so swimmers could create a roadmap for success each season by tracking times, training and progress towards season and career goals. Swimmers take ownership of your swimming by writing down what you want to accomplish and develop a plan of action on how to get there. Experience the power of having a plan and tracking your progress.
—Author, Aimee Schmitt

G.O.A.L. Strategies™—Get Organized About LIfe

This new updated version of the ultimate swim log has expanded each concept to provide an even more interactive swimmer resource.
Use the 5-tabbed sections to record times, track progress and plan goals.


Set weekly goals here, log practices, be inspired.


Put your dream goals on paper and then break them down into manageable steps.


Plan your strategy for meets, visualize your race, track times and competitions.


Inspire yourself to reach new challenges.


Track your strength training.
*Created by former USA Swimming National Team Member, Stanford National Championship Team Member, and avid believer in goal planning.

What Swimmers Are Saying:

“I like using the visualization pages and putting my exact goal times in the scoreboard.” —Matt V. 
“This book is the perfect way to quickly see my times and check goal times before a meet.” —Gaby C.
“Using this logbook has helped me plan how to reach my goals with my coach.” —Andrea Y.

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Ultimate swim log & goal planner

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Log Tools. Goal Tools. Meet Tools. Motivational Tools.