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Every day, when you get up out of bed, there is something that inspires you to start your day.  Most of the time, it is things that you have to do, like go to school or work. But even when your energy can be focused on something just for you, there can be times you may have to reach to find the inspiration to keep going.

Reach outward and reach inward for inspiration!

Getting the motivation to move forward in the sport can come in different ways.    For the Olympic swimmer, the inspiration that drives them may be making an Olympic team or attaining a medal.  As age group swimmers, you may see those Olympic athletes as inspiration to keep focusing on your goals.

It may not even be a swimmer who inspires you,  it can be someone very close to you or someone who has done amazing things through adversity.

Whomever or whatever inspires you to push forward in our awesome swimming sport, continue to find that inner motivation to reach for your goals.  Without inspiration, life becomes dull and void of emotion and life…continue to dream and continue to be inspired to do your best and encourage others to do the same.

Now go swim.

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